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Winter Vacations in Pakistan

Winter Vacations in Pakistan

With winter holidays just about to start, people probably start planning about how they will spend their holidays.

Some people enjoy relaxing at home while others love to hang out with friends. December and January are considered as the best period to explore the beauty of Pakistan. From the famous Murree Hills to the enchanting Kalam Valley, there are a lot of beautiful places in Pakistan to visit during winter vacations. 

In Pakistan, winter is equally pleasant and liked by many people to plan for long vacations and to make it memorable you can visit the following places;

Winter Vacations in Murree Hills 

While planning your winter vacation Murree is the first option that comes to mind. In every winter vacation, many people visit Murree without getting bored. The picturesque beauty of Murree makes them visit again and again. In winter hills are carpeted with snow and the trees are covered with snow up to trunks, which gives the most appealing view in the winter season. You can enjoy a variety of activities there, from chair lift to horse riding and much more. It is an hour’s drive from Islamabad. There are different hotels which offer good services. The Mall road of Murree is always busy, people love shopping because there are a lot of markets with mostly handmade stuff. There are coffee and tea stalls along the road and in winter people love having tea and coffee to make themselves warm. 

Winter Vacations in Nathia Gali 

If you want to make your winter vacations more adventurous then drive ahead of Murree. Nathia Gali is located in the middle of Galyat rang. It has an altitude of 7900 feet above sea level. It is one of the scenic hill stations of Pakistan which has pine, walnut, and oak maple trees. Those who love trekking and snow, must visit Nathia Gali in their winter vacations to experience the hike to Mushkpuri top. 

Winter Vacations in Malam Jabba

 If you love to experience the adventure of Chairlift during the severe winter season then Malam Jabba is the best place to visit. In your winter vacation, you can experience the chairlift which is closer to those that are in European regions. Along with that, there are some other places too where you can spend your vacations in a better way. Swat Valley and Swat River are the famous places you can see during your winter vacations in Malam Jabba, it is the one of the famous skiing resort in Pakistan, and is really loved by those who enjoy skiing.

Winter Vacations in Chitral 

Chitral is also one of the best places where you can find hills, rivers, pastures as well as mountainous regions. To make their winter vacations epic and memorable people love to visit Chitral.

 Make your winter vacations memorable, Contact Saif ul Muluk Tours and Travels to reserve your tour packages for coming winter vacations and spend quality time with your friends and family.

Activities to do in winters vacations:

Travelling is considered to be the best option for winter vacations but if it’s not possible for you to visit the distant places there are various other options too where you can travel and make your vacations memorable. You can plan to get together with your friends and family. BBQ and bonfire are also an option for you. If you love shopping you can utilize your time in shopping, buy winter stuff for your tours during the winter season.


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