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Pakistan Tourism 2020

Pakistan is the dream place for nature lovers. Pakistan is considered as number one holiday destination in 2020, It will help Pakistan Tourism in 2020

Steps taken by Government:

The tourism business has great potential to contribute to the economy of the country. And religious tourism also plays a vital role in enhancing economic activities in the nation. Our Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and many other international experts have identified it at different levels.

Terrorism and fewer facilities provided by the previous government has restricted tourism in Pakistan. They didn’t bother this potential industry. But this government has contributed much to boost Pakistan tourism in 2020.

Pakistan is a country with diverse cultures and natural beauty. Pakistan is not less than a paradise for tourists. From snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes to the tranquil valley and mesmerizing seashores.

The PTI government has restored the position of Pakistan as the best tourism destination at an international forum. Kartarpur Corridor’s opening leads to more religious tourist to reach Pakistan. Besides this, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is also another opportunity for Pakistan to increase its tourism. Under CPEC projects tourists are given more facilities.

China also has spent great shares of its earnings on tourism and provides facilities to tourists to visit Pakistan and enjoy its beauty.

The government uses the power of media and social media to promote the picturesque spots that are located in the northern areas of Pakistan. They use the most effective tool that is digital media for the increase in tourism.

The digital media strategy for tourism has connected the digital media for fascinating the locals and foreigner tours to the tourist resorts.

And due to digital media strategy, tourism apps have been developed which helps the tourists to visit the scenic spots for tourism. The application provides all the data related to the tourist hotels and restaurant bookings, tour operators, tracking resorts for the tourists, crystal clear lakes and also tells about the weather updates.

Many vloggers like Trevor, James, Khalid Al Ameri, Mark Weins also help to promote tourism and their visit was arranged by the government for the promotion of Pakistan tourism 2020. They are showing the true image of Pakistan, its nature and the hospitality of the locals.

In addition to this, a devoted awareness campaign was also started which helps to promote winter sports and adventure for the tourists for this year.

Along with these special teams of the designers, content creators, photographers were also created to project the beauty of all the spots for tourists on social media pages. They also use social media sites to enhance tourism activities at various tourist spots.

The bloggers, vloggers, influencers were encouraged to produce quality content and highlight the captivating beauty of different resorts that are located in the different areas of the country for tourists.

Pakistan Tourism is improved in 2020:

Now there has been a great improvement in the tourism industry and foreigners don’t hesitate to visit Pakistan because the security conditions are improved which attracts a great number of tourists.

The new visa policy has also played a vital role. Now the government is turning the rest houses and lavish buildings into the hotel which offers more better accommodations to visitors.

For the promotion of tourism social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram offered low-cost ads facilities to boost Pakistan tourism 2020, as it the fastest and cost-effective method to reach the maximum targeted audience.

The sports are now also continuing in the country to clear security concerns. Now the Britishers themselves calls Pakistan one of the friendliest countries of the world, with gigantic mountains and serene views that are beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

Pakistan is considered as number one holiday destination in 2020, accepting the improved security, new and easy visa policies, and of course its scenic beauty.

Nowadays Pakistan tourism is on the rise, A better international depiction of Pakistan is also needed to help its tourism industry.

The government will do more efforts in this regard and Pakistan will become one the best dream destination for nature lovers.


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