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Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

 The source of most of the Naran Kaghan waterfalls is up on the high mountains. And falls into the lake or rivers. Some of the splendid waterfalls on the route toward Babusar while traveling from Naran are: 

Naran Kaghan Waterfalls

Naran Kaghan is known for its enchanting beauty. Naran Kaghan Waterfalls are amongst the best natural beauty of Pakistan. In summers you can see the beautiful view of the waterfalls because it is all blocked with snow and land sliding in winters. You can find these waterfalls at short distances.

Kiwai Waterfall

Kiwai is one of the best places for the tourist who take rest during the traveling to Shorgran Valley or Naran Valley to have some snacks tea and breakfast in a cool and chill environment. There is also a hustle and bustle in Kiwai and also seems busy because a wide number of the individual stop here and to enjoy the waterfall, the views of the Valley, and to have a meal there. From Kiwai you can easily reach Siri Paye which is 6 km away. You need to hire a 4 x 4 jeep so that you can pass through the rough route. It will take an hour to reach Siri Paye from this waterfall. Tourists love to enjoy breakfast while having a view of the Kiwai waterfall. There is Dhaba Style café in Kiwai which is named Aabhsar café. The ambiance of the café is good with water running the backdrop. Trout fish is provided there for lunch and dinner. You can enjoy the pure turquoise chill water. Take a lot of pictures and make memories

Lalazar Waterfall:

Lalazar waterfall is also known as the Sohni waterfall. Its other name is Batakundi. The beautiful Sohni water or Lalazar waterfall is located near Mansehra, Jalkhad Chilas Road in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. There are different astonishing waterfalls on the highway that make this road tour a true enjoyment. Lalazar forest is near the Lalazar waterfall, which is the tourist favorite spot for camping and wild life. From Naran, Lalazar waterfall is 12 km away whereas from Babusar Top it is 53 km away. It lies at an altitude of 2600 m above the sea level. You can see that the Lalazar waterfall is in steps. The melting glaciers from the mountains are the source of water for this waterfall. It meets Kunhar River after crossing the road. You can find small hotels and resorts in the area.

Dunga Katha Waterfalls:

One of the most beautiful waterfalls of Pakistan is Dunga Katha Waterfalls. The length of the lake is approximately 200 meters. It is surrounded by two enchanting mountains. From Naran Dunga Katha Waterfall is just 20 km away. From Battakundi it is only 9 km away. It takes 4 hours to reach there on foot. The track towards Dunga Katha Waterfalls is not too difficult nor too easy. Above this waterfall, there are lush green meadows that are covered with snow from October onwards. In August and September, the snow melts. After September again they covered withs snow. There is a small lake at the end of this Dunga Katha Waterfall. Tourists are not familiar with Dunga Katha Lake. 

Sharan Waterfall:

Sharan Forest is the gateway for the people who love camping and looking for adventure. It is a lush green forest with water streams flowing across the region. In the northeast of the Mansehra District, Sharan valley is located. In Sharan Valley, you can find Sharan Waterfall. The beautiful waterfall of Sharan attracts tourists from different parts of the country as they usually came to the Sharan forest for camping. While camping they enjoy the crystal clear waterfall. It takes a one-hour jeep ride to reach from Paras to Sharan.

Whenever you plan your visit to the beautiful valley of Naran Kaghan do not miss the chance to visit these waterfalls. The water of these waterfalls is fresh and clear. People experienced that the water is so cold and feels like it is coming from the refrigerator. Tourists came from all over the world to visit Naran Kaghan and the beautiful waterfalls pleasingly welcome them. The ones who love nature they take pictures with the waterfalls of Naran Kaghan, in reality, they are capturing the moments. They feel calm and relax in nature. The sound of the water falling has its beauty. 

Saif ul Muluk Tours and Travels are available to serve you, so plan your tour today to the captivating valley of Naran Kaghan. Refresh your mind and soul by the tranquil views, astonishing routes, stunning waterfalls. There are many other visiting spots to see in the Naran Kaghan and surroundings.


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