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Shogran is a lush green plateau in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is located at a height of 2,362 meters above sea level. From Balakot, you have to drive 34km for reaching this serene place. There are several breathtaking places near Shogran such as Makra Peak, Siri Paye and Musa Da Mussalah. You can hire a jeep, a horse or you can do hiking for accessing these places. It has many hotels, restaurants and a forest rest house. There is also a market which offers all the necessities of life.

Culture & History

This place remained under the Muslim and British rule. At the moment, Islam is religion of majority of the population. People of Shogran are very friendly and respect tourists. Mainly, they do agriculture and are attached with tourism industry.

Professional Tour Guides for Shogran

You will get professional guide services with all of our customized and ready-made packages. The cost of these services is included in the package. However, if you only need guides who can give you proper details, then you can get these services separately as well.

Shogran Tours

Shogran serves as a gateway for all tours planned to explore Naran, Kaghan Valley. So, all of our ready-made and customized packages include this beautiful place. We can also provide you an exclusive tour for Shogran.


There are numerous hotels located in this place and they cater to different budget ranges. You will find luxury, mid-range and budget rooms. You can discuss your budget range and we will find the suitable hotel for your trip. You can also avail our hotel reservation services separately.

Car Rentals

Jeep and car rental services for Shogran are provided as part of our packages. All of the vehicles would be in good conditions with experienced drivers. You can also contact us if you only need car, Hi-Ace or jeep for reaching Shogran.

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