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Travel to Pakistan

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan in 2020?

Pakistan is a safe land:

Pakistan is a safe land to travel
Pakistan is a safe land to travel

When it comes to the most mesmerizing and dynamic landscapes and sceneries, Pakistan is matchless. The waterfalls, beautiful mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers, desserts we have all of them in abundance.

When we talk about the safety and security of the country, then there is no place that is 100% safe. It is always a combination of people in the country some might be good and the same might not be. And bad things can be happening anywhere in the world.

Pakistan is the land that is like a painting that is colored with picturesque valleys, serene bodies of water, lush green meadows.

Pakistan is such a vast country, which covers countless different regions, ethnicities, and sub-cultures, that we cannot consider it as a whole. Pakistan’s tourism has been increased by 317% and many tourists who visit Pakistan felt very safe during their visit to Pakistan. Many places in Pakistan are completely safe but there are also some dangerous areas where the tourism is strictly prohibited, or the police may assign you a bodyguard for it, which shows Pakistan’s government is taking steps to promote tourism.

Western Media:

Western media shows only the awful incidents of Pakistan when something bad happens, but they never show the positivity of the people of Pakistan, their hospitality and the beauty of the country. It is a mispresented country in the world.

Pakistan is ranked as 153 safest countries of the world by the Global Peace Index, which shows that based on security and safety Pakistan is still better than many other countries.

Not even a single tourist reported about any mishappening they faced during their visit to Pakistan.

Actions are taken by the Government to promote tourism:

Pakistan is starting to open to tourism again. Maybe it is not that much secure this year to travel to Pakistan, but our Governments have taken steps to make our country safe and secure for the coming years to increase tourism.

The new Visa policy is being announced for the tourists to travel to Pakistan. A new system for the visa has been created and the travelers can find all the information on the online portal. In starting five countries including Turkey, China, UK, Malaysia, and UAE are eligible for an online visa. Travelers from 50 nationalities are also allowed to get visas instantly on their arrival, this policy will expand in the future but till that other countries have to follow the old visa system for which they have to wait 7 to 10 days.

The government is trying to turn Pakistan into heaven for tourists. Pakistan is among the top destinations for backpackers, it is a home of the world’s friendliest and most hospitable people which offers some of the world’s most serene views.

The Land of Beauty:

Pakistan is the land of the beauty
Pakistan is the land of beauty.

The land of Pakistan is all about natural beauty. Pakistan’s beauty tells about the greatness of our Almighty Allah. The vast plains, hills, mountains, and valley express about the supremacy of God’s creation. Pakistan is the land of beauty which shows the sovereignty of its creator. The beautiful green and grassy sites provide a peaceful satisfaction to the tourists. 

Safe and Secure Areas:

Many areas of Pakistan are very safe to travel. Some safe and secure areas of Pakistan that grab the tourist’s attention are:

Swat Valley:

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan in 2020? 1

In today’s world Swat valley is considered a peaceful region but you have to be careful as it was once targeted. Swat valley provides real peace of mind, quietness, and serenity. High hills and the green grassy landscapes offer a peacefulness of minds to the travelers. The tourist often visits Pakistan to enjoy the serene views and natural beauty.

Neelum Valley:

Neelum Valley- Pakistan Travel
Neelum Valley

Neelum is also a safe and beautiful place that is famous for its greenery, streams, sloppy and hilly mountains. It is also called as Mini Switzerland of Pakistan.

Chitral And Kalash Valleys: 

Kalash Valley- Pakistan Travel
Kalash Valley- Pakistan Travel

In Kalash valley, there is a community called Kalash who does not follow Islam. This part of the country is once under Taliban’s threats but now it is quite safe but still you to keep your eye open while your visit to this part. Now the security In Kalash Valleys has been improved, and people live there peacefully. Be a little bit careful while hiking near the border area.


Gilgit Baltistan-Beauty of Pakistan
Gilgit Baltistan- Beauty of Pakistan

The most beautiful and safest province of Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan. It has a lot of highest mountains. It is the province where you spend more quality time. There was only one mishappening that took place in Gilgit-Baltistan. But after that, the security has been radically improved.


Travel to Pakistan- Lahore
Lahore- City of Gardens

Although a few awful incidents took place in Lahore. Security has been drastically improved and now Lahore is a safe city. People of Lahore are warm welcoming and hospitable.


Islamabad- Pakistan Travel

Islamabad- City of Lights

The capital city of Pakistan is undoubtedly the safest in Pakistan. It has a lot of checkpoints, and the government has invested many resources there. Pakistan’s elite and foreigners live there. 


Azad Kashmir- Pakistan Tourism
Azad Kashmir- Pakistan Tourism

It is the most beautiful part of the country with a lot of mesmerizing views. It is also amongst the safe and sound places of Pakistan.


Saif-ulu-Muluk- Pakistan is a land of beauty
Sai-ul-Muluk- Pakistan Travelling

It is a crystal-clear lake surrounded by gigantic glaciers. It is the most majestic spot for tourists in Kaghan Valley, which attracts people from all over the world. People believe that fairies live there. It is a secure place for tourists.

Additional Information:

Pakistan is a very adventurous trekking destination, so you have to buy proper travel insurance.

In Pakistan, many trustworthy and hospitable locals are always ready to help you during your journey.

For security, there are lots of checkpoints for the safety of the tourists. The main objection of these checkpoints is to provide security.

They also provide you an armed guard for free, because they don’t want you in any danger.

In Pakistan, people love tourist, the way they take care of the travelers is great. The kidnapping of tourists has never taken place in the peaceful land of Pakistan.


Pakistan is a safe country for the tourist to travel in 2020. Tourists will be having their best experience in Pakistan. We warm welcome tourists from all over the world to enjoy 

In Pakistan tourism is growing rapidly. You should be aware of risks, have proper research and Pakistan is a safe place for you as a tourist.

Pakistan is a peaceful country with natural beauty, with friendly people.


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