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5 Beautiful Places in Pakistan for Tourist

5 Beautiful Places in Pakistan for Tourist

If you are an enthusiastic traveler, it’s time to make traveling plans for this year. In this post we have given details of 5 beautiful places in for tourist which must be included in your traveling wish list.

Gojal Valley

This mesmerizing valley is located near the borders of Afghanistan and China. Gojal Valley is more than 15,000 feet high above sea level so it is always covered in snow. It has Khunjerab Pass which touches China the Karakoram Highway passes through it and Chiporsun starting point of Wakhan region, Afghanistan.

Naltar Valley

Located at a 2 hour 30 minutes’ drive from Gilgit, this valley is popular for its colorful lakes. Naltar Valley seems an out-worldly place with its thick pine tree forests. The tastiest potatoes of the world are cultivated in this valley. The visitors of the valley have termed it as heaven on earth.

Siri Paye

Over the years, Shogran has seen a heavy influx of visitors but Siri Paye has always remained a serene place to visit. It definitely deserves to be on the list of beautiful places in Pakistan for tourist. It is a lush green plateau with lots of small and medium sized ponds of fresh water. Herds of cattle graze on the green grass.

Rama Meadow

Rama Meadow is located near Rama Village, just 11km away from Astore. This grassy plain is serene and breathtaking at the same time. Its streams have milk-white and ice-cold water. Surrounded with pine trees and Nanga Parbat and Chongra in the background, this place is picture perfect. Rama Meadow will surely give great memories.

White Place Swat

It is located just 12km away from the Mingora City in Marghazar. The historic palace was built by Mianagul Abdul Wadood – the founder of modern Swat state. Despite of so many years, the Palace is still in its pristine shape and remains a tourist attraction. It was constructed with the same stone which was used in Taj Mahal.

All of these beautiful places in Pakistan for tourist should be visited during in summer as roads are inaccessible during winter. Contact Saiful Muluk Tour Services and visit your favorite places at discounted rates.


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