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Trips from islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad

Islamabad is Pakistan’s federal capital. It is a fairly quiet and calm city, offering the youth little in terms of entertainment. While the Diplomatic Enclave is often the hub of parties, due to a barrage of security checks enacted to protect foreign diplomats, locals are having difficulty entering the area. Overall, the lack of entertainment facilities in Islamabad is not surprising, particularly when you consider the fact that the town is relatively new, has a smaller population and covers a smaller area compared to Lahore or Karachi metropolises. Although the region offers amazing views and opportunities for hiking on Margalla Hills, what will Islamabadis do if they want to alleviate boredom over a weekend? Ok, they should still head out to one of the scenic spots a couple of miles away for a weekend trip.

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is the gateway to Pakistan’s popular northern regions, where both locals and tourists like to relax during the weekend. 

Nathia Gali Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 1

If you live in Islamabad count yourself one of the lucky ones. Whenever you like you can easily drive up to Nathia Gali for a weekend. The vacation city provides endless entertainment along with spectacular scenery such as horse riding, biking, and camping. Wake up for an unforgettable weekend getaway!

Nathia Gali’s green mountain hotel, roughly 2,410 meters above sea level, is a popular destination for a mini holiday. Plantlife is plentiful and there are meadows and plenty of pine, cedar, walnut, oak and maple trees to be found. Anyone who wants a more adventurous excursion can walk up the hills of Mukshpuri (also Mukeshpuri) and Miranjani, which are 2,800 meters high and 2,992 meters respectively.

Murree Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 2

Although growing commercialization and crowds have prevented people from going to Murree for a relaxing getaway, when the summer and winter holidays are over, the place is fairly quiet and peaceful if you visit it during the weekend. Sitting at an altitude of nearly 2,300 meters, Murree offers year-round nice weather. There’s also plenty of local fruits to feast on and stunning scenic views. The most famous tourist attractions include the Mall Road shopping center and chairlifts.

Located just outside Murree, the Arcadian Blue Pines Resort is a wise choice for those who want to escape the busy roads and the noise of the area. A more comfortable alternative is Hotel One and PC Bhurban (near Murree) is the place to stay if you want to have the Pearl Continental experience.

Thandiani Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 3

Thandiani is a top choice for those who are looking to spend their weekend in a peaceful vacation that provides relief from the swelling sun. The hill station, situated at 2,750 meters above sea level in the foothills of the Himalayas, is the ideal getaway if you can forego luxurious accommodation in favor of a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Shogran Siri Paye Tour From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 4

Siri Paye Meadows grow over Shogran 3,000 meters above sea level. They can be reached from a jeep or 4 U4. Siri Lake comes first, at nearly 2,600 meters, but the road will take you further up to Paye, a green meadow that offers beautiful views of clear days from the top. The area has a variety of small tea stalls and is perfect for people who want to go on a weekend camping trip. When you’re looking for a more convenient stay in Shogran you can spend the night. Through the Hazara Expressway, travelers coming from Islamabad will have to risk the five-hour drive from where they can hire jeeps to complete the remaining six-kilometer journey up a rough road.

Naran Kghan Tour From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 5

Despite slowly being overrun by visitors and traffic (such as Murree), Naran remains a popular option for a weekend getaway, mainly due to the magnificent Lake Saif-ul-Malook, the flavorful trout of the Kunhar River, boating facilities, riverside camping and trekking on different tracks. The town is situated in the Kaghan Valley and is approximately 2,400 meters above sea level. The region offers plenty of stunning beauty, particularly Lalazar where green fields and forests await.

The same path from Islamabad to Shogran continues toward Naran. Although the public vehicle is accessible, it’s preferred to travel by private car so you don’t have to keep running from one public transportation to another to finally reach Naran.

Neelum Valley Tour for Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 6

Neelum Valley is located within Azad Kashmir, is one of Islamabad’s perfect weekend getaways. It is nestled near the Neelum River, which gives its name to the valley. The area is a perfect refuge for travelers who want to experience nature without distractions at its best. Although there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking, the area also features little or no mobile coverage.

Foreigners need a Pakistani government No-Objection Certificate (NOC) for visiting Neelum Valley. The first stop on the way to Neelum Valley from Murree is Muzaffarabad, which is reachable via the Murree-Kohala route. From there it’s a 3.5-hour drive to the valley. Private transport is strongly suggested.

Khanpur Dam Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 7

One of the most beautiful dams in Khanpur is constructed over the river Haro that stems from Abottabad. It is located about 48 km from the Islamabad, on Taxila Haripur Road. A spring carnival is held on the Khanpur dam each year. This Khanpur Dam Festival draws numerous visitors from Pakistan and all over the world and it has many colorful and enticing activities to show off. It is an ideal place for a trip, where you can enjoy kayaking, fishing, paddling and many other activities.

Mabali Island Trip From islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 8

Just 80 minutes drive from Islamabad, Mabali Resort & Adventure Club presents you an exit from everyday city life, a dream vacation destination with a few adventure activities, a romantic getaway for a couple or the next youth club building function. Sentimental Mabali cottages in the middle of Khanpur Lake seeking the best experience of CAMPING and a real chance to explore nature in luxury.

Simly Dam Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 9

Simly Dam is an earthen overpass dam, 30 kilometers east of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan It is the main source of drinking water for people living in Islamabad. The water collected in this dam is supplied by the melted snow & natural streams from the Murree Hills. One can enjoy sun-drenched picnics on the lush tropical lawns of the family house, or take a boat tour.

Khewra Salt Mine Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 10

The so-called Khewra Salt Mines are located approximately 160 kilometers south of Islamabad, at the foothills of the Salt Range north of Pind Dadan Khan’s Jhelum district. The mines are visited not only by locals but by foreign visitors, bloggers, and vloggers as well. The mines are regarded as the earliest in the subcontinent’s salt mining history. Wandering inside the mines, tourists can find wonders such as a mosque, a Minar-e-Pakistan model, a hospital, and several other beautiful dwellings all made of salt bricks. Inside, the buildings shimmer with lights. The gorgeous glittering structures made from salt bricks but the best place in the mines is Crystal Palace which is stunning with salt crystals glowing all around like precious stones. For people who want a weekend trip, it’s like a dream place.

Kallar Kahar tour from Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 11

Kallar Kahar is a holiday resort centered on the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway at 140 KM from Islamabad. This beautiful place is renowned for its tropical landscapes, peacocks and a lake with fresh water. The resort’s significance was strengthened by Takht-e-Barbi, a flat stone stage designed by Mughal Emperor Babar to address his Army. There are also children’s rides along the lakeshore. TDCP hotel offers snacks and lunch. During a journey from Islamabad to Lahore, one can stop for a break or vise-versa. In the resort, a visitor to Khewra can also stop.

Mangla Dam Trip From Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 12

Mangla dam is situated in Azad Kashmir district of Mirpur and is approximately 140 KM from Islamabad. Clocking the distance takes less than two hours. The huge lake filled with deep blue water looks eye-catching. However, several areas are confined for the general public due to the large military establishment in the region. To promote tourism, one side of the lake was transformed into a recreational area where facilities such as boating, fishing, and other water sports were provided. The tourists ‘ main attractions are speed yachts and water scooters. 

Shinkiari trip from Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 13

A sight-catching vacation spot called Shinkiyari lies some 160 KM from Islamabad on the Karakuram Highway. Though, due to heavy traffic on the way, mainly between Abbottabad and Mansehra, the distance between Islamabad and Shinkiyari sometimes takes even four hours to cover. 

The main draw is the Siran River with no more than two to three feet of water which offers a chance to play in the river with or without learning how to swim in. Tourists also enjoy growing vegetable crops, sugar cane, tobacco plants, rice and tea in the dirty fields around the location on top of it. One can travel uphill for another half an hour to reach a fairly dry, hill spot at Dadar filled with trees and water. A great number of people, particularly family trips, travel the distance from Islamabad to the entertainment that Shinkiyari offers and arrange picnics there.

Kund Trip Form Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 14

Kund is a rare location where two rivers-the Indus River and the Kabul River cross. Almost at the border between the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, i.e. the Attock Bridge, this junction can be seen from the main GT route. This place can best be reached by using the Islamabad–Peshawar Motorway at a distance of about 120 KM from Islamabad. At Swabi exit, one must get off the motorway and then take the Swabi-Jahangiria road to reach the destination.

Just the two colors of water from the bridge could be seen by the visitor, but now the site has become a major recreational area. People from nearby areas like Islamabad etc. visit the picnic place and spend the whole day there. An amusement park, which hosts many tourist activities including boating, fishing, children’s rides, sports and dining areas, adds value to this picturesque setting. Eating fresh fried fish on the river bank is an ancient custom of tourists visiting the city.

Tarbela Dam Trip Islamabad

Weekend Trips from Islamabad 15

The largest filled earth dam in the world, Tarbela Dam is situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 130 KM from Islamabad. However, it takes less than two hours to cover the distance, because of the motorway. The dam forms the Tarbela reservoir with approximately 250-square KM of surface area. The dam was completed in 1974 and was built to store irrigation water, flood control, and hydroelectric power generation. It provides a pretty scenic spot. Recently Pakistan’s government has agreed to establish leisure and theme parks to encourage tourism at this stunning beauty spot. The development of adventure sports points, hotels, and water jetty is expected.

Islamabad is situated in the northern part of Pakistan, and it has access to several scenic mountain getaways for that purpose. The choices for weekend trips from Islamabad are limitless so long as you don’t mind driving the ride. Consider one of the places in the above list as your next weekend retreat and if you are looking for a shorter journey.


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