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Naran to Babusar Top

Naran to Babusar Top

Babusar Top is always considered a stunning viewpoint for tourists that are visiting the valley. It takes three hours to reach Babusar Top. You can use your private car for traveling from Naran to Babusar top. 

Babusar top is located at an altitude of 4173 meters. It lies in the north of Kaghan Valley. It is connecting through the Thak Nala with Chillas on the Karakoram Highway. This point can be accessed by cars easily. Babusar Top is connecting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the Gilgit and is considered to be a dangerous route towards Gilgit Baltistan. A lot of people face accidents on the way due to the steep mountains and land slidings and cars brake failure happens here usually. It was named after Mughal Emperor Babur, who used to pass through this region in the 16th century. From Naran to Babusar there are several places where you go by using cars, jeeps or by hiking and horse riding. 

Places to reach Via Jeep:

Saif ul Muluk Lake:

Saif ul Malook Lake is 3500m above sea level that is about 10577 feet. It is situated in the north of Naran. Saif ul Malook is surrounded by magnificent mountains. The greenish water of the lake provides an amazing view of the tourist. You can also see a peak of Malika Parbat from this lake and it is easily accessed by the people. It is a lake with fairy tales located at 1 Hour ride from Naran Valley but a jeep ride is required to visit Saif ul Muluk. 

Bata Kundi:

Batakundi lies at an altitude of 2624 meters above sea level and is a spot that attracts the tourist while moving towards Babusar Pass. Batakundi is blessed with nature and is 16 km away from Naran. Locals and foreign tourists visit each year. There are different hotels for the stay and since the road is very dusty and rough so you need to take a jeep ride.


Lalazar meadows are located in Batakundi of Naran Valley and are considered as the most beautiful place which you can visit during your tour. Lalazar is lush green meadows with an altitude of 3,123m. A Jeep ride can take you to this destination of green and white mountains with beautiful views. Lalazar is full of wildflowers and pine forests. Kunhar River flows on one side of the Lalazar meadows and beautiful hills are located on the other side with dense alpine forest. One of the snow-covered peak called “Falak Sonia” can be seen from Lalazar. As the road is dangerous and is not in good condition so the car ride is not recommended also it becomes more slippery during rain.Nd Lottery


Jalkhand town is located in Mansehra District. It is lies at an altitude of 3140 m above sea level. From Naran, it is 40 km away. It is a nice place for the tourists and there is only one hotel to stay in. Jeep ride is required to reach there.

Pyala Lake:

Pyala Lake is located at Jhalkand, 50 km away from Naran. It is named as Pyala because of its round shape like a bowl. People enjoy beautiful views of the lake in the evening and it looks more captivating from a distance. It is situated on the top of the mountain. You can reach there by 4×4 jeep. Its height is almost 11190 feet.


Lulusar Lake is the main source of water for the river Kunhar. It is located one hour away from Babusar Top. It is one of the beautiful lakes of the Naran Kaghan region, which is 11,200ft above sea level and it is about 3.5km long. Lulusar Lake has crystal clear water and a point of tourist attraction.


Gittidas Meadow is located in Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District. It is located at an altitude of 3678 meters above sea level. It provides a way to Kashmir from the north. To reach Gittidas meadows you need to take a 4×4 jeep ride.

Places to reach Via Hiking or Horse ride:

Anso lake:

One of the most beautiful lakes in Naran Kaghan is Ansoo Lake. This lake has a very strange shape and it’s quite small. You need to hike or book a horse ride to reach Anso Lake and it takes 6 to 7 hours to reach this lake from Saif ul Malook Lake. The altitude of this lake is about 4000m from sea level. It is situated near the Malika Parbat of Himalayas Range. It is a beautiful small lake with astonishing views.

Noori Top:

Noori Top is located at an altitude of 12,988 ft above sea level. It is situated in Kaghan Valley. The road to Noori Top is very scary as there are a lot of sharp turns. The road is full of stones and is very steep. A car or jeep ride is not recommended, you need to trek or hike. Horse ride is also a better option for Noori Top.

Dudiptsar Lake:

Dudipatsar Lake is located at the height of 12,500ft which is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered mountains. It is called the Queen of the Lakes. You can reach Dudipatsar Lake by hiking trail of 18km from the Besal in Naran Kaghan. This lake is surrounded by snowy mountains. The reflection of snow-capped mountains is seen in the water which makes it the most beautiful place of Naran Kagahn. It is very difficult to hike this lake. It is the most worth visit place because trout fish is found in this place.

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