This season gear up and plan your vacation for the beautiful Heaven on Earth, Northern Areas of Pakistan. But what if you don’t get your desired hotel or you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the mountains? No worries, because SaifulMuluk Tours and Travels have all the facilities that you need to make your journey remarkable. With luxurious hotels and superbly managed services, SaifulMuluk Tours and Travel is ruling with the best customer ratings and the most demanded and convenient tour packages.

SaifulMuluk Tours and Travel are offering majestically planned trips just for you to give you and your loved ones, a chance to undergo an aesthetically rich journey filled with pleasure and amusement. SaifulMuluk Tours and Travels is offering 3 days, 5 days and 1-week trips to Naran and Kaghan Valley to fill your vacation with the fresh dose of nature according to the type of trip you want.

Accompanied by the royal accommodation, the trips also include meals and breakfast, excellently delivered 24 hours best quality services, car rentals, healthy and family like environment, easy access to bookings and much more. SaifulMuluk tours and travels are not only offering dry and bore visits but they are also providing their local guides to make you travel by the history and uniqueness of the destination. Also, female tour guides are also available for families if required. With their own pickup and drop off service you can have a comfortable journey, free of worries and stress.

SaifulMuluk Tours and Travel have a wide range of Tour packages to provide its users diversity of landscapes. Naran and Kaghan Tour packages are one of their kind which have a great deal of destinations and is incorporated meticulously to bring that extreme pleasure to your journey. Naran Kaghan Tour is planned especially keeping in view the highly visited and loved places. The tour consists of 5 days but incorporated in such a way that it covers almost all the aesthetically rich areas which include the magnificent Lake Saiful Muluk, Ansoo Lake, Lulusar Lake as well as famous spots like Babusar Top, Siri Paye and Noori Top. This package also has the visit to sensational Shogran Valley. Because of having great diversity in Landscapes, one can enjoy several activities during the trip including jeep ride, hiking, camping and bonfire etc.

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