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A large rucksack to carry all required trekking apparatus, Sleeping Bag, which could give protection from harsh weather, A folding mattress, Shoes for Trekking, with durable rubber sole, Sandals to wear for walking during camping, Water proof jacket and trousers, Two to three pairs of full length trousers and full sleeves shirts, Three to four pairs of socks (preferably in woolen stuff), Sun Hat & Woolen Cap, Pair of Gloves (preferably woolen and water proof), Sun Glasses, Walking Stick, Water Bottles, Emergency Light, Pocket Knife, Toilet Kit, Other Items (optional):, A light weight water proof tent, Small Stove with fuel, Plastic Cane of water, Medical Kit (First Aid box with basic medicines), Cooking utensils, Food stuff (per-head, menu and duration of trip), Washing Kit (toilets/kitchen soaps), Match box, Map and Compass, Binoculars, Camera, Some Extra Suggestions:, Luggage bags:, Back packs are ideal. Do not carry fancy bags, these inappropriate for hilly area., Clothing/Shoes:, Hiking shoes and sneakers are recommended., Bring umbrella, as weather is always unpredictable in these areas., Sun glasses, Sweaters, Cardigans and Jackets, Medicines:, You should have to bring all the necessary medicines alongwith you because these might not available in Naran., Miscellaneous:, Bring all other everyday use facial products; i.e., shaving gels/creams/sprays etc. Sun block cream is a must.,

Camping in Naran Kaghan

For fully enjoying your Naran Kaghan trip, you need to avail camping services in Naran Kaghan. Naran Kaghan valleys are the most suitable places for doing camping and you should include this activity as amust in your list. Camping in Naran Kaghan is an esthetic and thrilling experience. Sky is clear and full of stars at night and you will get a morning view which is incomparable with any other place. We will provide you camping services in Naran as well as camping tents in Naran. You can also get camping services at Kawai, Shogran, Sari, Paya, Naran, Jalkhad, Babosar top. There are number of treks in the area which cannot be completed in a single day trekking so you need camping services to fully enjoy your trekking expiditions. When you start your Naran Kaghan tour in  peak season, it is highly recommendable to get camping services. Camping at Lake Saif ul Muluk is easy as there are number of sites available around the lake. It is an expereince of life-time. Camping at the lake provides you a spectacular early morning scene of the surrounding mountains and particularly of the mesmerizing Malika Parbat. Other than the lake you can also do camping on Dudipatsar Lake, Babusar Top and Lalazar. On your visit to Dudipatsar lake, you can camp on Behsal and Mullah ki Basti. We provide you all the necessary equipment for your camping adventure at affordable rates, We know all the best camping sites of the area and you will surely remember your experience. We can also provide you full roasted lamb on your camping site. Here are few things you need to bring for camping in Naran Kaghan:

Rucksack for carrying trekking equipment

Trekking Shoes

Waterproof trousers and jackets

Sun hat and woolen cap

Waterproof gloves


Water bottle

Walking stick

Pocket Knife

Emergency light


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